Welcome to my new blog and a Cowgirl quilt

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This quilt was so fun and easy to make, love the colors!

This quilt was so fun and easy to make, love the colors!

Welcome to my new blog!  I’ve been quilting on and off for 25 years and I love the process, I love creating, and I love seeing my finished quilt.

This was a quilt I made a few years ago and I’m finally getting around to opening an Etsy shop.  This quilt along with a few others are listed for sale. Here’s the link:

I’m excited to start on this new journey in my life.  I work full-time as a management consultant and in my spare time I love to “geek” out by making quilts.  I recently started my Etsy shop and have quilts and some fabric for sale.

My love of quilting is generational.  My grandmother and mother have made HAND sewn quilts their entire lives.  My grandmother has passed and my mom is no longer able to quilt, but their love of quilting was my inspiration.  It gives me such peace of mind and joy to be able to sit down and create, bliss…

Thank you for stopping by!


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